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You deserve to radiate like the star you are on your big day and every day, for that matter. From the second you sit in our chair to the moment you’re ready to say “I do,” you’ll feel as though we’re an extension of your bridal team, your BFF for the day, determined to make it a seamless and unforgettable experience. 

Destination Bridal: Landmark Love Story

Embark on a dreamy journey with Makiaj, celebrating your love story in the United States or abroad. Our elevated bridal experience knows no bounds, bringing our artistry to wherever your destination may be. 

Global Glamour

Collaborate with our Master Artists to curate a look that complements your wedding’s ambiance, radiating beauty that harmonizes with your special day.

Luxury on the Go

Experience Makiaj’s signature touch anywhere you go. Our artistry and expertise will meet you at your destination, providing the same level of pampering and elegance wherever you choose to say “I do.” 

Prepped to Perfection

We care deeply about every aspect of your bridal journey. Our Makiaj Wedding Prep plan offers insights and suggestions to get your skin and hair looking their absolute best, ensuring you glow from within.

Destination-Ready Support

Our dedicated bridal coordinators support and guide you throughout the process, ensuring the day is stress-free and unforgettable. 

South Asian Bridal: Timeless Elegance

At Makiaj, we celebrate the beauty of diversity. Experience elevated artistry curated for the sophisticated South Asian bride, embracing your individuality and reflecting the richness of your cultural heritage, all while enhancing your natural radiance.

Cultural Reverence

Our artists deeply understand South Asian traditions and techniques, specializing in intricate dupatta placement, expert jewelry settings, and other time-honored practices. We take pride in creating looks that celebrate your cultural heritage with finesse and grace.

Personalized Discovery

Through a thoughtful discovery process, we capture your preferences and aspirations for your big day, ensuring every aspect of your bridal look reflects your essence.

Capturing Inner Radiance

We believe in drawing out your inner beauty through the artistry of makeup. Our refined touch enhances your natural features, making you feel like a renewed, radiant version of yourself on your big day.

Timeless Elegance

We blend modern techniques with timeless artistry to create a look that stands the test of time, ensuring lasting memories of your elegant South Asian wedding celebration. 

Modern Bridal: Chic & Timeless

Experience elevated artistry fit for the high-end modern bride. Together, we’ll curate a unique look that exudes confidence and elegance on your special day while our dedicated hair and makeup team serves as your ultimate hype squad. 

Modern Elegance

Our artistry thrives on accentuating your natural beauty without overwhelming your essence. With neutral tones and refined techniques, we create modern, elegant looks that enhance your flawless features and bring out the best version of yourself.

Timeless Techniques

From classic to contemporary, we blend trends with timeless artistry, setting us apart in the industry. Our wide array of looks caters to your individual style and desires, ensuring an unforgettable experience. 

Seamless Journey

We’re your dedicated team from the moment we connect to post-wedding bliss. As your coordinator, confidant, and support system, we curate your beauty schedule and collaborate closely to craft the perfect high-end, modern look. 

Capturing Radiant Moments

Our artistry extends to photography, going beyond the surface to capture your inner radiance in every frame. Your bridal journey is filled with joy and beauty, and we ensure you have stunning mementos to cherish forever.

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Elevating Destination Weddings with Unmatched Bridal Glamour

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Elevating Destination Weddings with Unmatched Bridal Glamour

Makiaj Beauty, where global glamour meets unparalleled expertise for an unforgettable journey of beauty and love.


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