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At Makiaj, we value diversity. It’s our mission to empower women to tap into their inner depths and unleash radiant outer beauty; to embrace uniqueness and reveal a new version of themselves. What originated as familiar bridal elegance has evolved into glam and glow for the everyday woman. But we’re just getting started. 

Stay tuned for Makiaj’s next phase as we expand with an inclusive product line that transcends beauty, allowing women to experience extraordinary transformations with Makiaj magic, no matter where they are. 

Meet pooja Mehta

A company is an extension of its leadership. Trained in Paris, France, Pooja brings her training and expertise to the desert of Phoenix and the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2010, she embarked on a quest for knowledge in the world of makeup artistry and hair styling, immersing herself in the artistic hub of Paris, France. In 2011, she took the bold step of starting her own business, Makiaj, which would go on to become a household name in the beauty industry. In 2016, Pooja’s business experienced exponential growth, a transformation that allowed her to cater to both the South Asian bridal population and modern Western bridal looks.

Her thirst for knowledge and innovation led her to Israel in 2017, where she studied the most cutting-edge social media and content creation techniques, setting new industry standards. 2020 marked another milestone in her journey as she launched Makiaj Beauty Light and Makiaj Education, a makeup certification program, sharing her wealth of expertise with aspiring artists.

Then in 2021, Pooja’s vision took tangible form as she bought, renovated, and meticulously designed the official Makiaj headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, setting the stage for a new era of beauty and creativity.

Her remarkable influence reached beyond the beauty industry and extended into the world of entertainment, where she appeared on Bravo Tv’s Dancing Queens which showcases the intersection of talent, artistry, and the quest for excellence.

“As the founder, I have brought a relentless spirit to my work and craft. My creativity is born from a deep curiosity about the ever-evolving woman and life. I’ve expanded the transformational aspect of beauty through artistry and communication. By asking thought-provoking questions, we encourage clients to share their vulnerable moments, transforming before our eyes into shining stars. Our emphasis on emotional connections and unparalleled artistry allows women to stand tall and confident.”

Pooja’s story is a testament to her ceaseless commitment to innovation and her status as a leader and entrepreneur in the world of beauty culture. Her most recent endeavor, cutting-edge digital creator tools, empowers individuals worldwide to unleash their creativity.

The Makiaj Community

Makiaj Beauty is a community that values individuality and transformation, where expert Master Artists create without limits.

Who We Are

An expansive beauty resource, redefining innovation, inclusivity, and attainable luxury experiences for every woman.

What We Do

Push boundaries and curate unique avenues to immerse in the beauty culture. First, from the outside to channel your full, inner radiance. 

How We Do It

By harnessing the expertise of our Master Artists, embarking on otherworldly journeys, and tapping into heartfelt moments, we craft extraordinary experiences every time you’re in our chair. 

Why We Do It

In an ever-evolving industry, we celebrate every woman’s uniqueness, limitless potential, and inherent beauty.

Unique Connections & Artistry

Makiaj is rooted in genuine, authentic connections and unparalleled artistry. We provide a platform where professionals can embrace the Makiaj philosophy, fostering a deep sense of belonging. Our clients embody an inner radiance that shines brightly, and we’re dedicated to bringing that inner glow to the surface. With more than 15 years of artistry and a versatile, talented team, our journey transcends mere beauty; it’s about transformation ignited by the synergy of connection and artistry.

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