Founder Pooja Mehta Featured in SheFinds Article

In the featured article showcasing the expertise of our Founder and CEO, Pooja Mehta, the focus revolves around the significance of good skincare, a trend she is keenly attuned to.

Pooja, renowned for her mastery in the realm of beauty products and digital creator content, sheds light on the importance of flawless concealer application—a makeup essential that holds a special place in many of our routines.

Concealer, often deemed the indispensable hero of makeup, serves as a versatile solution for various skin imperfections, from dark circles to spots and redness. Pooja emphasizes the transformative power of concealer, highlighting its ability to swiftly even out skin tone, providing a polished and put-together appearance in mere seconds.

However, the crux of the matter lies in the application technique, as Pooja and Jill Turnbull, a seasoned makeup artist, share their invaluable hacks for achieving flawless concealer results. One standout tip from Pooja is the use of two different concealer shades—an ingenious approach to addressing stubborn dark spots on the skin.

Pooja advocates for a dual-shade strategy, employing one concealer shade that is darker than the skin tone (at least 2 shades deeper) and another that perfectly matches the individual’s complexion. This technique, as she reveals, is a game-changer for achieving excellent dark-spot coverage.

The article delves into Pooja’s recommended application method for this two-shade approach. The first step involves applying the darker concealer shade on the targeted area, allowing it to dry down. Subsequently, the second layer consists of the concealer shade closest to the skin tone. Pooja suggests using a makeup sponge for this process, although a concealer brush is also a viable option for those with a preference.

In essence, Pooja Mehta, with her wealth of experience as a Bridal Makeup Artist and her role on Bravo TV’s Dancing Queens, shares insights that extend beyond the surface, emphasizing the artistry of makeup application and the transformative potential it holds. As a leader consistently attuned to the latest trends, Pooja’s expertise in the beauty industry shines through, making her insights on concealer application a must-follow for anyone seeking a flawless and polished look.

Link to full article at SheFinds.

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