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Elevating Destination Weddings with Unmatched Bridal Glamour

Makiaj Beauty, where global glamour meets unparalleled expertise for an unforgettable journey of beauty and love.

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Makiaj Beauty Light: Harper’s Bazaar’s Top Pick for Photography

Makiaj Beauty Light, recently crowned as "Best for Photography" by Harper's Bazaar.

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Pooja Mehta: A Trailblazing CEO Redefining Success

A glimpse into the facets that make her a powerhouse in the beauty industry.

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Founder Pooja Mehta Featured in SheFinds Article

Pooja Mehta, Our Founder, Spotlighted in SheFinds Article!

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Makiaj Beauty Studio: Where Style Meets Functionality in the Heart of Old Town Scottsdale

Makiaj Beauty takes the lead in redefining the office experience.

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