BE THE LIGHT. Calling all influencers, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, videographers, and content creators… 

Are you ready to showcase your work in the light it deserves? The Makiaj Beauty Light (MBL) instantly upgrades your photos and videos like the pros. Featuring powerful LED lights that transitions from cool to warm with a simple turn of the dial. Take your MBL on the go, so you can have a perfect shot anywhere. The MBL is also compatible with our Beauty Mount for maximum effectiveness, most tripods and can also be used handheld. 

Dimensions: 4 in x 7 in 

Your MBL Includes:

The Power of the MBL:

International Customers:
If purchasing outside of the U.S be sure to select your country/region from the dropdown on the checkout page. This will allow you to enter an address outside of the U.S. Shipping is available through DHL for international shipments.

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