Our Ambassadors work in their own free time, accepting Makiaj jobs that work best for them. Our Ambassadors are not full-time employees. Our Ambassadors are 1099 contractors that benefit from our relationships with worldwide planners, our marketing and our back end booking process.

Makiaj is committed to supporting its Ambassadors by providing quarterly training sessions and content development days as well as ongoing assistance. We believe in fostering a collaborative and thriving community, ensuring that our Ambassadors have the tools they need for success.

Join the Makiaj family as an Ambassador, where your talent is celebrated, your passion is recognized, and your success is our shared achievement!

To join our esteemed group of Ambassadors, please visit our Ambassador page on our website: https://www.makiaj.com/about/ambassadorship/. Follow the application process, and our team will reach out to discuss the next steps.

Ambassadors earn through two primary avenues: service fees for each makeup or hair service provided on behalf of Makiaj and commissions on product sales. This dual-income model ensures that your expertise and influence are duly rewarded, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Absolutely! Makiaj Ambassadors have the exciting opportunity to work on location and abroad, catering to brides and clients in various settings. This not only broadens your professional experience but also allows you to be part of special moments in diverse locations.

By becoming a Makiaj Ambassador, you align yourself with a brand that values and invests in the growth of its ambassadors. You’ll gain exposure to diverse clientele, enhance your portfolio with high-profile events, and benefit from the support and resources provided by Makiaj to help you flourish in your career.

As a Makiaj Ambassador, you will have the exclusive opportunity to service our brides and clients on behalf of Makiaj, both locally and internationally. You’ll not only earn for each makeup or hair service you perform but also have the chance to showcase and promote Makiaj products, earning additional income through product sales.

Makiaj Ambassadors are not just service providers; they are integral contributors to the Makiaj family’s success story. We seek individuals with unwavering dedication and passion for their craft, aiming to partner with the best-of-the-best makeup artists and hair stylists in the industry.

The Makiaj Ambassador Program is an exclusive initiative designed to recognize and celebrate the invaluable role played by makeup artists and hair stylists in shaping the identity and success of Makiaj. Ambassadors are esteemed partners who represent Makiaj at various events, providing makeup and hair services to brides and clients while embodying the essence of our brand.

We do not have specific courses to become a makeup artist; however, if you’d like to learn a few tips and tricks from one of our Master Artists a makeup lesson may be great for you. For example, if you really want to learn how to nail a red lip, smokey eye, brows or other facial features we can specifically focus on those features during your lesson.

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